Avatar The Way of Water & Christmas Vacation

By Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre (other events)

2 Dates Through Dec 29, 2022

Please print out this ticket or have the QR code ready when approaching the ticket booth. (This may require downloading the app.)

1st feature: Avatar:The Way of Water @ 6:30 pm

2nd feature: Christmas Vacation @ 10 pm

No entry during the movie.

Ticket booth will open 6 pm -6:30 pm for entry. Opens again about 9:45 pm for the 2nd feature. You can stay for both movies or come for just the 1st or 2nd feature. Limited concession menu after 10:15pm (after the 2nd feature starts) for more info and theatre rules.

**NO REFUNDS** If unable to attend, you may use this ticket for another show.


The following items are prohibited from theatre property:

* alcoholic beverages and individuals arriving under the influence (if found after entry, you may be asked to leave with no refund)

* grills and cooking devices

* outside food and beverages from other restaurants